About Premier
Premier Innovations Group is a multi-faceted alcoholic beverage umbrella corporation that creates, develops and imports a wide range of alcoholic beverage brands. Premier has a global network conducive to beverage product distribution, alcoholic beverage formulation, full packaging sourcing from start to finish, brand development and all importing/exporting logistics and TTB services. Premier owns their own brands, but also provides these services to other companies that have or wish to develop brands, private label or want to improve their current price structure and brand packaging.

The Mission
Premier Innovations Group is a fast paced growing company, well on its way to becoming a leading beverage powerhouse in the global landscape by:

  • Continuing dramatic growth and becoming one of largest importers, suppliers and distributors of quality value based alcoholic beverage products.
  • Continuing a strong cultural infrastructure with commitment, devotion and care for our employees.
  • Continuing to build a strong full-scale support system for brand incubation with promotional development.
  • Continuing to develop strong political relationships and business social network to insure ties to large markets and state and country controlling alcoholic beverage agencies.
  • Continuing to develop local as well as national accounts by caring and providing for our customer base and maintaining a constant focus on customer service.
  • Continuing to provide the highest quality products, services and entertainment consumer interaction that Premier Innovations Group can be proud to represent.


Brand creation.  (Brand name. Brand concept. Brand identity creation.)

Design/Graphic Design.

Packaging.  (Packaging design and logistics.)

Glass and bottle manufacturing.  (Custom made mold for any concept or idea.  Or we can choose from hundreds of unique stock options from our suppliers.)

Product Formulation.

Blending and rectifying of spirits.

COLA/Formula reviews and submissions.

Labeling and printing.

Logistics and shipping.



Warehouse storage and bonded storage.


Web Development.



Brokering client’s product.

TTB compliance.  Federal and state compliance.

Foreign and Domestic Customs clearance and brokering.

Distribution solutions and leads.